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MAPA develops creative arts activities to support veterans that have been found to increase positive mental health experiences, building resilience and social connectedness, develop skills to improve communication and creativity and aid with critical thinking processes.  Our activities include a wide range art experience classes in visual arts that support our aims. 

Holding annual exhibitions to show outcomes from the program, we provide opportunities for our Defence community and our teaching and community artists to exhibit in a safe and supported environment that also promotes our program and fundraising.

MAPA is constantly evolving with seeing us involved in public art development, special and commemorative artwork commissions, trialing 'art-in-the-field' kits with deploying service personnel, involved in research and development and is currently working on a creativity and resilience activity book.


We are also involved in the support of veteran's families through invitation to provide art activities such as Legacy Kids Camp where our developed activities support interaction, communication and help build lasting memories.

We are proudly 100% volunteer run since 2015, its easy to participate or to get involved as a volunteer. Head to our pages for more information or contact us for details.


What we do

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