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Blackhawk 20th Anniversary commemoration artwork

MAPA has created 3 pieces to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Blackhawk Accident – 12 June 1996.  

In consultation with one of the survivors of the accident, together with Noel Barnes aviation artist, Leza Howie commissioned a painting to honour the fallen and remember the survivors for the 20th anniversary of this significant event.


The painting reflects on the 18 men, 15 from SAS and 3 from 5th Aviation Regiment, who lost their lives as well as remembering the 10 men, 5 from SAS and 5 from 5th Aviation Regiment, who survived.  The accuracy of the aircraft, the landscape and those in the aircraft including uniforms took significant time to research and came together with the final honouring of the fallen through their represenation "looking over" their mates from the sky.

The original work is to be presented to the SASR with the frame salavaged from Jarrah timber from the SAS Seargents mess and made by an SAS soldier.  Inscribed into jarrah inlays are the names of the fallen on the left and the names of the survivors on the right.  Underneath bears an inscription to the two Regiments and their crests.


MAPA has created a “special” signature limited edition print to shortly be presented to 5th Aviation Regiment and also framed in salvaged jarrah from the SASR Seargents mess.  MAPA has created a limited edition print of only 100 prints with no further prints available after they are sold.

In addition, a stunning glass vase hand etched with the two helicoptors from the artwork and the names of the fallen "reflected" through the vase has been created for MAPA by WA glass artist Lois Hewson-Brown.  This piece is a reflective work an also a limited edition of 100 only.


To compliment the artwork MAPA has created a beer glass with the two helicoptors from the artwork and then names of the fallen on the front.  Our intent is that provide an affordable option for those who would like to raise a glass to their mates.  These glasses are also hand etched by Lois Hewson-Brown and will be available for a short time.

MAPA has allocated funds from the money raised from prints to be shared with the SAS Association House WA Branch.  Funds from the sale of glassware will go to the "Art in the Field" project which provides art kits to military men and women on operations and deployment.

Order forms on each image and note postage varies for each item and please email the forms to

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