We acknowledge and thank all those who support and donate, from individuals, small donations to our major Sponsors.  

It is through this incredible support, our generous artists and those behind the scenes that our program is possible. 

The #ArtintheField initiative was released at our 2016 Outcome Art Exhibition to provide an extension of our program for our deployed veterans.


The intention is to provide our current serving Australian Defence Force on operations, either overseas or for longer periods in Country away from loved ones and friends, the opportunity to undertake an art activity and enjoy an arts experience that helps focus the mind and is a proven positive mental health benefit.


The kits contain enough materials and information to have a go and try the arts experience in pastel pencil, graphite pencil, acrylic or water colour painting for several weeks or several months.  


Many of the participants in our MAPA program, both current and former serving, young and young at heart, have all found the arts experience to be beneficial in some way.  For many it has helped them focus their minds, find ways to communicate and (re)connect, or uncover an area of interest, a hidden talent they want to further explore and develop.


Want to help?


Each art pack provided has a current cost of $35.00 and you can leave a personal message to be sent with your pack.  You can donate to purchase a pack directly by clicking on the donate now and helping us reach our goal.