We acknowledge and thank all those who support and donate, from individuals, small donations to our major Sponsors.  

It is through this incredible support, our generous artists and those behind the scenes that our program is possible. 

Veterans creating art

The Military Art Program Australia is a not for profit organisation provide services and support to current and former serving Defence Force veterans through arts.  Our program focusses on an arts experience in a range of mediums using paint, drawing, photography, sculpture and creative writing.



The programs materials, facilities and services are provided through donations and fundraising from our sponsors.  The program’s teaching artists donate their time for free and are selected for their medium, style and their interest in support of our veteran community.  Many are well known and with some sharing a military background, an important component to our success.


MAPA is proudly endorsed and supported through significant Defence networks and a range of corporate and community across WA. 



The undertaking of art activities and their health benefits are widely researched and proven with recent studies in WA quantifying the amount of time spent to gain a positive mental health benefit.  The duration of our classes also supports this research and along with regular feedback on the health benefit to our veterans. Our classes cater for skills from beginners to advanced allowing maximum participation and learning for all levels. There are no labels and no experience is necessary. 


Held in relaxed environments, with like minded people from a familiar background across all services, regular attendance is proven to encourage connection, reconnection and mateship, help with anxiety and focus the mind while also developing skills across a wide range of mediums.   

Contact us if you would like to know more.

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MAPA interview with Geoff Hutchinson ABC Radio about the program - SAS SOLDIER CLANCY AND MAPA FOUNDER LEZA talk to GEOFF HUTCHINSON
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